With the focus of always seeking to improve our service, Motus Architecture has recently invested significant time and money into the implementation of cutting edge design and administration technology that will satisfy the highest standards within our profession.  The most significant of these are Autodesk Revit and Synergy Practice Management.

Revit is at the forefront of Building Information Modelling systems.  Not just design and documentation software, this package offers complete integration of all architectural, consultant and data requirements to aid production of buildings that are well designed, efficient, and correctly documented from top to bottom.

Synergy Practice Management is the leading software package of its type.  It augments the control of the financial, contractual and documentation portions of the office.  It guarantees our office protocols are maintained, whilst at the same time ensuring maximum efficiency is realized.  It is integral to our practice performing to the very high standards that we expect.  It is also our contract administration tool which is completely integrated within the financial element of the software.

Motus Architecture have the knowledge and technology in place to produce exceptional buildings with maximum efficiency.  Our dedication to implementing these systems has put us in an excellent position to provide an architectural service that is highly competitive in the industry.