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AES, Technology Park

2000sqm Office & Research Development, ≈ $1.8M

Approximately 2000m² of office space, this building was designed for a leading solar / electrical technology firm.  Given the clients focus on ‘understanding the sun’, the design brief very much revolved around passive solar techniques as well as high tech collection of solar energy.  Unfortunately, financial difficulties required the client to reduce the scope of the building.  As such, crucial design elements such as the extensive solar collectors that were intended to be mounted to the building entry never got constructed.  The building is still a very successful example of passive solar design in commercial architecture.  However, it is truly a shame that the intended building design was never completed as originally documented because it would have been a wonderful showpiece for how solar collectors could be used successfully as a very appealing façade treatment with architectural merit.  Construction value ≈ $1.8M