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297 Canning Highway, Como

A House, 2x Apartments + Café / Shop, Completion early 2013, ≈ $1.66M

A café that faces one of Perth’s busiest roads, Canning Hwy, possess a mixture of positives and negatives.  Such a prominent location can be seen as a commercial advantage, however traffic noise could detract from the want of a quiet coffee.  Motus developed a design that tackled both issues.  The Café has a secluded rooftop terrace, virtually unheard of in Perth, which faces away from the Hwy and is bathed in natural light. The cafes façade is also quite striking, and commands attention from passing traffic.  Natural materials that absorb noise and provide shade adorn the façade in a highly textured aesthetic. 

The development also incorporates residential living in close proximity to transport links to the City, and in high demand.  Again Motus was successful in negotiating increases to the density and changes in the allowed use for the site which resulted in a significant scale development on a small 600sqm site.  Mixed use development: 1 single house, 2 apartments, and a café/shop.  Construction value ≈ $1.66M