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Comer Street, Como

Private residence ≈ $500,000

A private residence designed for a young family, the brief was to retain the existing 1 storey brick house and extend over with a first floor addition. All existing external walls were preserved with a few internal walls demolished and relocated to create an open plan layout. With the first floor extension, a panoramic view of Perth City was attainable which was an important aspect for the client. The maximum allowable building height was fully utilized and the first floor slab level set to maximise the views. All existing brickwork was extended up to underside of slab to achieve this. The design is a simple lightweight ‘floating box’ sitting on a heavy grounded masonry base. An angled wall was implemented to one face of the floating box to add interest internally and externally. A splash of vibrant colour gives the modern house an edge to its contemporary design. Construction value ≈$500,000.