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Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah

5 Restaurant / retail tenancies + 1600sqm Office space, ≈ $5.2M

A repeat client of numerous projects brought us a landmark site on the Mandurah Waterfront.  The site provided significant obstacles, such as requirements to build above the 50 year flood level, sedimentary soils that complicate the structural capacity of the site, strict street setbacks, and a requirement to activate the street level.  Zoning for the site allows construction to nine floors, however the economic climate has presented restrictions to the development. As a solution Motus suggested that the project be developed in multiple stages and occupied progressively over a number of years.

The harsh coastal environment and North Westerly orientation of the site have also presented a number of energy efficiency complications.  We have employed passive solar design techniques, and used automated building management systems to manipulate sliding screens to help combat the buildings heat load while maintaining views of the harbour.  The Design is currently being completed within our office and we are excited to see the final outcome. Mixed use development: 5 ground floor retail / restaurant /entertaining tenancies, 1560sqm Office space, Construction value ≈ $5.2M