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City Of South Perth – Amendment 25 Modelling Proposal

Strategic planning advice + 3D visualisation of proposed ‘Precinct Redevelopment’

The City of South Perth plan to redevelop the proposed South Perth railway station precinct could transform the area into a commercial hub rivalling Subiaco and West Perth.  Motus Architecture has worked closely with the City of South Perth and a number of other local authorities in the past.  We were asked to develop an artist’s impression of the proposed amendments to the planning scheme.  After close liaison with planning officers the adjacent images were developed.  A priority was placed on maintaining public open space, pedestrian thoroughfares, street activation and development density.  We also took this opportunity of a blank canvas to develop our modern architectural styles and challenge the standard stereotype of a high rise building.

Strategic feasibility and area plans were also developed for this precinct concept. If you wish to view the plans you can download them here:  

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