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City Of South Perth – Welwyn ‘Hub’ Precinct

Strategic Planning + Masterplanning of 21HA Suburban Precinct

A recent initiative among many local inner city councils is to revitalise local suburban precinct with increased density, transport hubs, community facilities, and public open space.  The City of South Perth has nominated a number of these precincts and Motus Architecture was charged with the responsibility of investigating the opportunities to enrich the inner city suburb of Manning.  The council’s initial concept was to simply re-develop an old shopping area into a higher density node; however, Motus approached this area in a different way.  We recognised that an essential quality of an inner city suburb was its connection to transport links and therefore the greater city.  The precinct masterplan that was generated as a result of this proposed a larger redevelopment of the suburb, providing links between suburban rail and major arterial roads, and would focus the increased density on an established green space.  The original shopping area would be transformed into a community centre with, sports club rooms, library, local hall, shops and public facilities.  Increases in density would stretch along tree lined promenades connecting the community facilities with transport links, and provide an activated streetscape that promotes a community reminiscent of Subiaco or South Perth.